Thursday, June 25, 2020

Addiction Treatment Delray Beach Florida - Transformations Treatment Center

The names "Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery," "Addiction Treatment Delray," "Recovery House Delray Beach"South Beach Miami" is a nice way to describe the successful, alcohol and drug addiction treatment center in the South Florida area. You may want to consider this center for your next visit to Florida because you may need help getting your life back on track after being faced with an addiction issue.

"This Rehabilitation Center is a gem," says Andrea Hebert, who attended the same rehab center as many of her friends. "We saw a few people at a friend's party that were snorting something. We asked what it was and were informed that it was cocaine.

When they came in, one friend was a snorting addict and in need of a new life, according to Hebert. "She said she had been in a car accident and her nose was broken and she would have to go through physical therapy so that she could walk," Hebert says.

The group is there to help them learn how to make the right choices, in the right places, at the right time, according to Debbie Weber, who is in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. "That was the main reason we came here," she says.

A family program has several methods, which includes "Compassionate Living," "Spiritual Growth"Family Counseling." There is also "Ten Steps" for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery and twelve-step program.

The group is welcoming to everyone, even to the members that are not interested in going to the meetings. They have members of all ages, including teenagers. They make sure that everyone who comes is treated fairly, according to Mrs. Hebert.

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They use a simple technique to assess members to see if they have a problem. Once a person has been tested, then they can be admitted.

Addiction Treatment in Delray Beach, FL

"They use a system called detox," explains Weber. "It is like regular detox, but they separate the alcoholics and addicts from the non-addicts and you get to do your own detox."

Family members that are interested in doing alcohol and drug addiction recovery, are expected to take one group session each week. They will have to stay sober and give up their alcohol and drugs by the end of the year.

So, it is a win-win situation for those that are looking for a support group and alcohol and drug addiction recovery. To keep alcohol and drug addiction in check, the Family Council meetings are held weekly.

When people join the rehab, they know they can come for an "induction" every Friday and Saturday, except for Sundays, when the group holds its regular meeting. And of course, it is closed to the public, so there are no worries about leaving any confidential information with anyone, including the Police.

There are various reasons why people choose to turn to alcohol and drug addiction as a way to deal with stress, sadness, grief, loneliness, feeling down and feeling out of place. This way, they can find a way to cope with their depression and emotional stress.

Transformations Treatment Center
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