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Common Co-Occurring Disorders - Transformations Treatment Center

If you have been diagnosed with either substance abuse or bipolar disorder, you may have been prescribed medications to control these conditions and a person with a dual diagnosis may need additional help. The first step in treatment is to determine what type of treatment you require.

A common co-occurring disorder for someone with bipolar disorder is substance abuse. It is possible to have both bipolar disorder and substance abuse in your family. Your doctor may prescribe medication to treat both disorders at the same time to help you cope with your symptoms. This combination of medications can also help you cope with the side effects of one medication.
People with bipolar disorder may also be addicted to a substance, like drugs or alcohol. Some of the symptoms associated with bipolar disorder include mood swings, irritability, extreme highs and lows, and the inability to function properly when the mood dips. Some of the signs of substance abuse include: using in the presence of others, using on a regular basis, becoming irritable, going through cycles of feeling bad and feeling better, and trying to hide their substance abuse from others. Substance abuse can also be associated with bipolar disorder and substance abuse can cause serious problems, including depression and suicide.

The relationship between bipolar disorder and substance abuse is not clear. If your doctor suspects that you have a co-occurring disorder, you may be prescribed medications for the symptoms of bipolar disorder and/or the symptoms of substance abuse. It may be difficult to determine the cause of each condition but in many cases, a doctor will combine both types of medications to help treat the symptoms of bipolar disorder and the symptoms of substance abuse.
Your doctor may also recommend a dual diagnosis treatment for you help you manage both disorders. This may include taking medication that is used to treat depression as well as being on a medication that is used to treat bipolar disorder. In some cases, your doctor may not prescribe a medication that treats both conditions at the same time and instead prescribe a medication that treats depression and a medication that treat bipolar disorder together.
The first step in treating your bipolar disorder or substance abuse is to find out what you are dealing with and then, seek help. The treatment options are not always easy, but they can work.

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