Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Substance Abuse Treatment in South Florida - Transformations Treatment Center

A person who is addicted to any type of substance has certain goals and feelings towards his/her addiction, and a therapist may be able to help that person to meet those goals and feelings. A psychologist may also help a patient achieve some of those goals and feelings. Regardless of the type of treatment the patient receives, the goal of treating the patient for substance abuse is the same: to help the patient overcome the addiction and learn to live soberly and healthily.

Most medication-assisted treatment focuses on individual behavioral changes rather than on substance addiction. In most instances, patients with drug or alcohol abuse find it easier to change their own behavior through the use of medications. The goal of these kinds of therapies is not only to help the patient feel better about his/her substance abuse, but also to help them become more responsible for their actions and feelings.

The use of CBT, a type of psychotherapy, has been proven to be effective in treating substance abuse. CBT helps a patient realizes that he/she is a contributing factor to his/her own substance abuse and that they have a role in stopping it. The therapist helps the patient to change how he thinks about drugs and alcohol. For example, if the patient believes that drugs make him feel good or helps him deal with a stressful situation, then he may feel unable to quit.

Psychologists who work in substance abuse treatment settings use CBT, as well as other forms of psychotherapy, along with behavioral treatment methods to help their patients overcome their substance abuse. Behavioral therapy methods work best when a patient is willing to go through the treatment in a structured manner. It can also be used to help those who need to do a lot of in order to break their addiction.

Because cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy, it is important that a patient gets regular treatment with a licensed psychologist. Counselors that work in treatment centers know what to do in order to help their clients change their thoughts and behaviors. These professionals work with the patient to determine what the goals are for him/her and how to achieve those goals.

A counselor at a substance abuse center can help the patient become aware of the reasons he/she is drinking and using drugs. If the patient has a problem with alcohol abuse because of stress and worry, the counselor will help the patient recognize where the stress is coming from and how he/she can change the way it feels about the situation. The counselor may also help the patient realize how the alcohol can make a situation less stressful for the person.

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Substance Abuse Treatment in South Florida

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